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Residential Lawn Maintenance

Reliable, Friendly and Responsive

Hard Workin Hands is committed to making your life easier. Count on us to be reliable, friendly and responsive. Our goal is to make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way, building a relationship that will last. Keep your property looking clean and crisp with regular maintenance, this includes: mowing, trimming, edging and patio cleanup. Weekly or one time maintenance available.



Always Prepared and Ready to Work

Customers of Hard Workin Hands know exactly what to expect: positivity, efficiency and results all at a price they can afford. Looking at this coming year we will be focusing on jobs such as: aerating, overseeding, edging, planting and dividing plants, building/redoing gardens, garden cutbacks, garden maintenance such as shrub trimming and weeding, pruning of trees, delivering materials such as firewood, mulch, dirt, splitting and stacking firewood, property cleanups, siding and deck cleaning, we will help people move and deliver large objects, junk removal, house organizing/cleaning and of course our go to service is lawn maintenance.

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How Hard Workin Hands was started

A Story about Darby

For as long as I can remember I have always loved working.  My first taste of being an entrepenuer was a pooper scooping business where the slogan was, "Big or small I scoop them all!"  I loved to save, so I would stash my coins away and trade them in for bills. When I was around 11 years old I remember losing $100 and I was so upset at the time.  However, that loss taught me that money can be lost but it is the process and value in work ethic that is remembered and that can never be taken away; that is the reward and not the actual money. 

As a young teenager, I would wake up early and head to a local sweet corn farm where I picked corn.  I sacrificed sleepovers with friends and my weekend mornings but I loved it and worked really hard.  I worked there for five years every summer but I didn't get value from the job as I didn't feel like I was helping anyone. When I reached high school, I worked at Mount St. Louis and Horseshoe ski resorts.  

As high school progressed, I got more and more hopeless, I truly didn't see the point of life. Why do we go to school for what seems like forever, to go into a career when we don't even know if we like it? To provide a steady income and support our family? Fair enough, but I wanted to do something different.  

In grade 10, living in the present and not worrying about the future was my turning point, allowing me to experience everyday life like a normal kid. One day, when I was walking home from the bus stop I saw an older man digging a hole in his ditch. I remember thinking to myself, "Oh my he looks like he is struggling!" He did not look friendly and I was scared to talk to him but I offered to help him.   The next day  I was walking home from school again and he was still working! He said, "Hey are you the same kid that offered to help me yesterday?" To which I replied, "Yes".  He then said, "Of course I need help.  I am 86!"   Looking back, I had no reason to be scared, he turned out to be extremely nice, he paid me fair and we ended up having a very close relationship because I did many projects around his yard.   This experience with Ted taught me how rewarding it is to not only talk with, but to actually help others with good intentions in mind. This experience inspired me to create flyers and go door to door in my neighborhood, offering my young "hard workin hands". Thanks to a few kind people and my love for working, I was supported and motivated to do more.  Now, I am asking for your support by simply getting in touch today and learning how my "hard workin' hands" can help you.  

All About Hard Workin Hands

Our Vision

Operating Hard Workin Hands provides us a great sense of purpose. Creating meaningful relationships and being recognized in the community for helping everyone involved is very rewarding. Hard Workin Hands helps workers like myself by giving them the support and information they need to develop skills and responsibility. Customers receive a high-quality service in a reliable and friendly manner.  Whether you don't have enough time or energy or simply enjoy getting help, count on Hard Workin Hands. 

It is Hard Workin Hands goal to be the one and only stop property owners need. Helping property owners is what we do; whether it's maintaining, improving, repairing or buying and selling. "Get it done" with Hard Workin Hands. 

Our intention is to build lifetime relationships; focused on making our customers lives as enjoyable as possible by providing convenient services at a fair price. This means you'll have access to a company that not only cares about you but actually listens to you.

 Get in Touch today and see how we can help. 

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Questions, comments or requests? Feel free to reach out, we’d love to hear from you.

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